Living Abroad: What if I went to Barcelona!

Living Abroad: What if I went to Barcelona!

Roofs of BCN

To this day, I am seriously thinking to settle in Barcelona. Beyond the climate and the Spanish way of life, it allows me to reconcile myself with the language. Of course, they speak Catalan, but it is perfectly possible to practice Spanish Castilian in Catalonia.
This is great, because when I was younger, and unlike English, I made the mistake of confusing Spanish courses with the break. 🙂

I just did not know this language, although pleasant and sunny, would make my future travels in South America much easier.

Although I have already been there two or three weekends, I also did not know that this language would help me to settle in one of the most attractive capitals in Europe at the moment, according to its own observatory.

Indeed, the crisis has not spared the Spain and Barcelona as confirmed by this edifying post written by an expatriate.

As a beginning web entrepreneur, I’m pretty unconcerned by the difficulties of finding work in Barcelona, and, moreover, my greatest joy would be to create jobs in the long term. However, I am very sensitive to the quality of life offered by the city and the apartments prices which, at a time when I watch my spending closely, are two to three times lower than the Parisian rents.

[french]Un reportage décalé sur Barcelone

par de Antoine de Caunes.


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